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Customer Reviews

"We have a minature yorkie and Tiffany does an excellent job with grooming her. Mattie actually looks like she should since Tiffany specializes in small breeds. I would definitely recommend Barkfest at Tiffanys and have to one of my friends who has the same experience with her dogs." L.P.

"Tiffany is the best groomer we've ever had. She is fun to deal with, pays attention to detail and can make a bichon look ready for the show ring. Our 2 bichons pull toward her door when we take them in for grooming. They just love to go there." S.S.

"We have taken our dogs to Tiffany for years. She does such a great job with any "special needs", and I always know she will do what it best for the dog. We had a senior, arthritic dog who needed lots of TLC. Tiffany was great. Now she takes great care of our recently adopted dog who was a matted mess when we first got her." S.P.

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