Your Puppy's First Groom

When should I bring in my puppy for his/her first groom? 

As soon as possible.  The earlier a puppy comes to the groomer the more comfortable they tend to be as an adult.  They should receive their first shots from their veterinarian prior to their first groom.


What does the first groom include? 

The goal of the first appointment is to make the puppy comfortable here, and learn to trust being handled by a groomer.  The puppy will receive a bath, nail trim, brush out, and light trimming around the eyes, potty area, and feet.  A full haircut should be planned for a later groom.


How long will the appointment take?

Generally puppies stay three to four hours, to help adjust them to the time that an average appointment will take when they are getting their future hair cuts.


Should I stay with my puppy during the visit?

No.  We have found that puppies show less anxiety about grooming and behave better for handling when owners aren't present.


What can I do to prepare my puppy for the first groom?

Brush and handle your dog as much as possible.  Specifically massage their feet, and comb lightly around the face.  Crate training is a great help as well, not just for grooming, but veterinarian visits and boarding too.


What information should I bring for their first appointment?

Just bring in the name of the vet that you did the first checkup and shots with you and we will do the rest.


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